Smit Shah

Smit Shah builds effective leaders and high-performing teams known for delivering solutions that optimize customer experience and deliver business value. His entrepreneurial spirit with the ability to see what’s possible and get the right people on board allows him to bring that vision to realization. He is exceptional in turnaround situations and building and delivering services for software and hardware that don’t yet exist. Smit is decisive with a balance of both present and future needs. 

Having worked at a variety of organizations, Smit has broad experience across many global IT infrastructure and service areas and multi-discipline teams. He has been successful in several roles while at Citi, and Wal-Mart. This includes working on current and next gen technology with internal and third party technologies. He exhibits strong executive presence and a broad understanding of strategy, people and governance models and operates at a VP level on a regular basis. 

Across diverse sets of circumstances, Smit is known for his ability to visualize many options and his exceptional talent to get the most out of individuals to deliver the right mix of business value, customer service and results. Smit will execute on today’s goals, while creating solutions for tomorrow.

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