Smit Shah

The best way to learn a new technology is by digging into it and getting your hands dirty. After hearing a lot about the new Windows Phone7 framework and the Windows Marketplace I decided to get it a shot. As a result Thumb-Speed was born. With the success observed in the Windows Marketplace, I decided to build it for Android as well. So now I have Thumb-Speed available in Android as well as Windows marketplace. Currently looking into the iPhone environment.
The official Thumb-Speed site is here
Having worked in the IT industry for over a decade, I have learned a lot about the struggles of small businesses. Extroduce.Com is my attempt at helping individuals and small business create a mark on the internet. The site offers the ability to post a brief introduction about their business and provide information about their website. The service is free. There are minimal ads on the site for sustainability reasons. You can visit the site by clicking here
Dealer 24x7 is an attempt to provide value for automobile dealerships. It also helps individuals looking to purchase vehicles get non-biased listings. You can get more information by visiting the site. To do that please click here
Most business require software that offers them control and flexibility in formatting. XML and XSL offer features that make this possible. Using XSL:FO I generated PDFs on the fly. Each one being a different format. Then compile all into one single PDF file ready to be printed/emailed/archived.
Picturify.Com allows users to generate QR codes on the fly. Simply select the type of information you wish to add in the image. The next phase will also offer an API that other developers can use to generate images programatically. To visit the site please click on the link.
In one of the recent projects used the Garmin Nuvi GPS device to route their trip. The process required getting an token from Garmin and be able to push the info to their devices.
Artixt is a platform for croudsourcing your design projects. Users can post design requirements with specific UI screens, designers submit samples that the project owner provides feedback. Check it out for your self at Artixt.Com .
Biz-Task is a very simple easy to use task management system that lets you specify priority and people assigned to it. I lets you focus on the actual work vs the paper work that goes with it. Daily reports and priority management help you plan your day in advance.Check it out for your self at Biz-Task.Com .

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